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6 Most Read IOGT Global Voices Blogs In 2016

6 Most Read IOGT Global Voices Blogs In 2016
The Global Voices Blog Portal on has generated 65 blog posts in 2016.

The blog portal has grown in readership and unique visitors numbers as the authors continue to cover a diverse range of topics and geographic regions.

This is the list of the 6 most read blog posts:
“The Curious Case Of All The Guidelines,” by Maik Dünnbier
Read Maik’s blog here.
“If You Could Save The Planet, Would You?” by Kristina Sperkova
Read Kristina’s blog here.
“Chang Beer Targeting Kids,” by Teera Watcharapranee
Read Teera’s blog here.
“New Alliance To Prevent NCDs In India,” by Suneel Vatsyayan
Read Suneel’s blog here.
“Unholy Alliance – How African-American Stars And Big Alcohol Exploit Black People,” by Brenda Mkwesha
Read Brenda’s blog here.
“Is Alcohol A Source Of Pleasure,” by Viktor Watz
Read Viktor’s blog here.

Prepare & Enrich: Couple assessment for strong marriages in South Delhi..

Enrich for CouplesWhat is a Couple Assessment?The PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment is an online survey that you take with your partner to help you identify the unique strengths and potential growth areas of your premarital or married relationship. It is a sophisticated instrument that will be interpreted by a trained facilitator, counselor.. Over 3 Million couples
- empowered and energized
in the last 30 years! PREPARE/ENRICH is the #1 relationship inventory and couples assessment tool.
Find out how we can help enrich your relationship and strengthen your marriage.  Contact for appointment: The Counselor+91-9268441080
Benefits of PREPARE/ENRICH Improve your relationship Whether you are dating, engaged, or married, PREPARE/ENRICH has been scientifically proven to improve your relationship dynamics and relationship skills. Outcome studies have found couples who take P/E and receive 3-5 feedback sessions with a trained Facilitator have significant improvement on 10 out of 1…

"What children don't realise is that marijuana is a gateway drug. It's the doorway to higher drugs.. says Suneel Vatsyayan

Doctor, have you tried marijuana?"
"Then how do you know it is bad?"

Brahmdeep Sindhu, senior psychiatrist at the Civil Hospital in Gurgaon, was stumped when a 14-year-old from a prominent school threw this question at him. "The child then went to great lengths, quoting blogs he had read on the internet, to convince me why he, many of his classmates and some of his juniors, children as young as 12, thought it was harmless, even beneficial, to smoke up."

Every month, 15 to 20 new cases of schoolchildren, boys and girls, are brought by their parents to Sindhu for counselling. They are all hooked to cannabis: often(the leaf of the plant) and sometimes hashish (extracted from the plant's resin).

Far away from Gurgaon, in the fields past Navi Mumbai, children, in school uniform, can occasionally be seen purchasing weed that is grown here, hidden from the authorities by the other crop growing around it. With prices as low as Rs 50 to Rs 100 a…

Is social media making you lonely?

After nine years of being a heavy Facebook user, Kishore Dhiman suddenly deactivated his account. The 32-year-old Delhi resident says that the long hours spent on the social networking site were beginning to take a toll on his mental health. The absence of human touch on Facebook was slowly gnawing at his state of mind. Though he had many "friends" on the medium and got plenty of "likes" and comments on his posts and pictures, he did not feel any real connection with these people. He was miserable.

At 15, Samrat Kohli would spend nearly his entire day on social networking sites, to the extent that he had started retreating from real-life friendships. He had also become unusually violent. The psychologist who counselled him says the boy was exhibiting symptoms of social media related depression.

Though social media platforms, like Facebook, have made the world more connected, they have also led to some worrying trends. Loneliness and depression are among those.

A 2012 …

Mental health and Public Education by Dr.Avdesh on Doodarshan...

Doordarshan in their flagship program ‘Aaj Savere’ for one hour, at 7.30 a.m. on Wednesday 13th January, 2016 would be focusing on issues relating to mental health and Public Education in conversation with Dr. Avdesh Sharma, Consultant Psychiatrist the guest of honour  on the show with Ms. Jasleen Vohra noted media personality.  This is telecast on all the channels of Doordarshan in India (having largest television audience) & DD International to many countries of the globe.
The program will discuss the global scenario and India centric issues around mental health and its impact on health, relationships, society and the economy.  The program will also highlight initiatives and innovations in ’Public Education & Awareness building initiatives’ (led by International Lead, Dr. Avdesh Sharma, New Delhi) that are being planned by the World Psychiatric Association.  The discussion would also cover the role of various stakeholders in Mental Health including physicians, caregivers, NGO…