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Boys Cry

Nine-year-old Ansh Sehgal refused to go to the boys’ toilet in school alone. His teacher could not understand why. The child kept hovering outside the toilet but would not enter — unless someone agreed to accompany him. When the school counsellor tried to get Ansh to talk about his fears, he clammed up. It was only after he was sent to a psychologist that he revealed that some senior boys had sexually abused him in the toilet. Like most other abused boys, Ansh suffered in silence.
The ‘Study on Child Abuse: India 2007’ conducted by the Ministry of Women and Child Development acknowledges that child sex abuse takes place in schools — and how. One out of every two children in schools have faced sexual abuse. And overall, more boys than girls face various forms of sexual abuse — ranging from inappropriate touch, exposure to pornography or violent sexual assaul
......The abuse might begin with curiosity leading to mild experimentation, then turn into harassment and finally take the form of …

Love & Lust @ The Office

......Besides, the family gets no place in the corporate setup, not even at parties. “The spouse is completely cut off from an important part of the partner’s life. This vacuum is not healthy,” says Suneel Vatsyayan, relationship counsellor and chairman of the Nada India Foundation that works on gender issues.“Also, in office, people come packaged. You see their best side and that’s attractive,” he adds.
Politics of romance:“Everybody wants to be the best consumer today — even in a relationship,” says Vatsyayan. Which is why linking up with the boss for perks and promotions is no big deal.
“Because the goals are temporary, and so are the means,” he says. “But,” he adds, “if you probe the psyche of the person trying to get ahead fast in the rat race, you’ll find him or her looking only for contentment, but in all the wrong places.” Both he and Arora say this only leads to larger unhappiness......

Staying apart? Keep the romance alive

...Suneel Vatsyayan, a relationship counselor states, "The most important ingredient of any relationship is communication, especially if it's a long-distance relationship. While communicating, focus on things that reiterate the good moments you both have spent together so that both of you are able to feel closer to each other. Be it an E-mail or a phone call or a web cam conversation, using words, phrases and instances that bring a smile on your partner's face can do the trick." When faced with a lack of reassuring conversations between couples, there might be chances that relationship goes through a turmoil. So, here are a few ways that will help you kill the distance and keep the romance alive. ...

a practising psychotherapist in Delhi, Suneel Vatsyayan says, "Websites can be very effective if virtual reality is connected to grassroots reality

.....Kiran Bedi had also founded the India Vision Foundation (IVF) when she received the Magsaysay Award in 1994. Co-founder and former director of IVF and currently a practising psychotherapist in Delhi, Suneel Vatsyayan says, "Websites can be very effective if virtual reality is connected to grassroots reality. It has to be interactive and not remain one-sided. The need for Safer India as an initiative came because of the gap between the government and the actual needs of the people."Suneel has himself used technology-driven solutions several times, and has founded websites dealing with drug abuse and giving information to senior and marginalised citizens on how to use the Web to connect to the government.....