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Suneel Vatsyayan suggests that children should be encouraged to make their own journeys. "Discuss the risks and be there with them as they get a taste

Celeb parents strike right note
Uma Devarajan
Raising children is a path full of trials and and elations. Into each parent’s life comes the instant when a passing remark from the "child" brings realisation that he or she is now an independent, self-reliant individual. The moment is usually a defining one.
Just wishing for independent, responsible children is not enough, though. "Values have to be inculcated from day one. Don’t think that your child will learn when he grows up," says Delhi-based psychotherapist Suneel Vatsyayan.
Monica Burman, wife of Dabur India chairman V.C. Burman, agrees. "Emotional support and tact in dealing with sensitive issues is very important. Make them feel that you are always there for them," she says.
Coping with a child’s independence can be a bittersweet experience. It can at once be a source of immense pride and regret that the child is no longer within one’s protective circle. And knowing that your child is on the rig…