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Breaking the Cycle of Codependency

Breaking the Cycle of CodependencyIf you have a pattern of making your relationships more important to you than you are to yourself, you may be codependent. When you are codependent, you tend to always put yourself last, constantly seek approval from others, and try to manipulate situations to your benefit. Because the cycle of codependency often repeats itself, you can find it challenging to break the cycle without professional codependency treatment. However, even without codependency treatment, there are some things you can do to end your codependent behaviors and learn to put yourself and your needs first. Ways to Overcome Codependency While treatment for codependency is often needed, especially if you are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, you can start working on breaking the cycle in the following ways: Get in tune with your needs: Though there are times when selflessness is warranted, completely ignor