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Why Do Patients Lie to Their Doctors? Read more

Why Do Patients Lie to Their Doctors?By Janice Wood
  ~ 2 min read A new study has discovered that 60 to 80 percent of people lie to their doctors. Many lied about their diet and exercise, while more than one-third of respondents didn’t speak up when they disagreed with their doctor’s recommendation. Another common scenario was failing to admit they didn’t understand their doctor’s instructions, researchers reported. When patients explained why they weren’t transparent, most said that they wanted to avoid being judged and didn’t want to be lectured about how bad certain behaviors were. More than half were simply too embarrassed to tell the truth, the researchers discovered. “Most people want their doctor to think highly of them,” said senior author Angela Fagerlin, Ph.D., chair of population health sciences at U of U Health and a research scientist with the VA Salt Lake City Health System’s Informatics Decision-Enhancement and Analytic Sciences (IDEAS) Center for Innovation. “They’re …

The 8 Types of Abusive Behavior... Explore

The 8 Types of Abusive BehaviorBy 
~ 8 min read Aaron wrongly believed that the only type of abuse was physical and then only if it left a mark. This is a common misunderstanding in our culture. When he took some time to review the different types of abuse, he realized that he experienced it in his marriage, from his parents, and on occasion was guilty of abusive behavior as well. "At the age of 17 years, Mahesh has given up his schooling to work as a salesman." Alcohol violence in the family is forcing a lot of children to join work force. We target to sensitize 500 children about the issue of alcoholism and NCDs & encourage them to continue their education. Uma's troubles became worse when her husband started using alcohol and abuse became an everyday affair. We intend to counsel, heal 240 women survivors of violence to seek help and to live healthy & productive life.
There are many other ways a person can be abused. Abuse can be manip…