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New age pressure leads to suicide

Asian Age Uma Devarajan | Hyderabad

Family suicide pacts seem to have become a new but dangerous trend. Three women from a family at LB Nagar in Hyderabad died and the fourth is battling for her life after they all consumed pesticide a couple of days ago. Another family from Karimnagar also made a similar pact, ostensibly due to harassment of their teenage daughter by eve-teasers. The mother and daughter died after ingesting poison, while the father is undergoing treatment. Bangalore newspapers reported a family suicide case too.

Family suicide pacts seem to have become a new but dangerous trend. Three women from a family at LB Nagar in Hyderabad died and the fourth is battling for her life after they all consumed pesticide a couple of days ago.....

Why are families becoming so desperate? Delhi-based psychotherapist Suneel Vatsyayan says, "We are a society in transition, particularly in metro or semi-urban areas. These changes are so fast that there is a contradiction between the va…

Split Wide Open: Archives, Hindustan Times Thursday 8 September 2005

With marriages breaking up faster than you can say ‘I do” it seems that the trend of divorces is here to stay Jairaj Singh HT City Thursday 8 September 2005

Blind love alley?
……Blind love leads to make hasty marriages. In the wake, many youngsters fail to foresee what the future has in store. Says marriage counselor Suneel Vatsyayan. Most clients I see are in their early stages of marriage. They under go a crisis as they are unable to cope with trivial issues, and the romance ebbs….

Suneel Vatsyayan suggests that children should be encouraged to make their own journeys. "Discuss the risks and be there with them as they get a taste

Celeb parents strike right note
Uma Devarajan
Raising children is a path full of trials and and elations. Into each parent’s life comes the instant when a passing remark from the "child" brings realisation that he or she is now an independent, self-reliant individual. The moment is usually a defining one.
Just wishing for independent, responsible children is not enough, though. "Values have to be inculcated from day one. Don’t think that your child will learn when he grows up," says Delhi-based psychotherapist Suneel Vatsyayan.
Monica Burman, wife of Dabur India chairman V.C. Burman, agrees. "Emotional support and tact in dealing with sensitive issues is very important. Make them feel that you are always there for them," she says.
Coping with a child’s independence can be a bittersweet experience. It can at once be a source of immense pride and regret that the child is no longer within one’s protective circle. And knowing that your child is on the rig…

The Asian Age:Similar traits help forge bonds: Study

....Relationship counsellor, Suneel Vatsyayan gives a different perspective and says that there is a difference between compromise and commonality. "Compromise is a kind of sacrifice made by a person for his partner whereas commonality is a similarity of thoughts between two people. A person looks for a partner because he is incomplete. But when it comes to intimacy and marriage, it becomes hard for couples with different perspectives to take things forward. But on the contrary, arranged marriages are said to be long lasting as compared to love marriages," he concludes.

Woman & Drugs

"Substance abuse shouldn't be looked at in isolation," says Suneel Vatsyayan, psychotherapist and chairperson, Nada India Foundation, explaining that a number of causative factors, especially low self-esteem, lead to drug dependence. The UNODC study confirms it. A majority of the subjects interviewed for the report indicated lack of confidence, poor goal orientation, a lack of trust and contentment with self and others. "The perception among women who do drugs is that 'even if I die, nothing will happen'. They don't realise that they are not abusing the substance;it is their own self that is being abused," Vatsyayan adds.....

Ten awful things to say in bed!15 Jan 2009, 0800 hrs IST, MONIKA RAWAL

....Suneel Vatsyayan, relationship counselor asserts, "Sex is to be enjoyed in the present and if any partner thinks about impending things from past or future, it would act as disruption. Saying anything outside your bedroom conversations will become a deviation. Your partner might feel offended and unloved. Understand the fact that your partner will not accept anything outside your intimacy, to enter your isolated sexual moments, and hence such intrusion is highly opposed." Top 10 things that couples must avoid saying in bed: ...