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Children of Alcoholics...???

What Happens to Children of Alcoholics You can imagine what happens when you think about what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a parent’s drinking behaviors and you don’t understand the reason for those behaviors (i.e., the alcohol changing how the brain works). In her article, ”Adult Children of Alcoholics, ACoAs: Qualities and Traits,” Dr. Tian Dayton, Clinical Psychologist and Author, shares the toll alcoholism takes on children as they try to stay out of harm’s way, avoid “triggering” their parent’s verbal or physical wrath, feel embarrassed to bring friends over, become anxious about their parent’s unpredictable behavior, or always feeling the need to take care of their parent instead of their parent taking care of them. The toll can include: Problem with self-regulationHyper vigilance/anxietyEmotional constrictionLoss of trust and faithUnresolved griefTraumatic bondingLearned helplessnessSomatic disturbancesTendency to isolateHigh risk behaviorsSurvival guiltShameDevelopin…